Friday, August 19, 2005

The Acquaintance is Made

So we wanted to install some Screen Doors, "No problem," said the owner of IGK (whom happened to be our salesperson as well), "It 'll take us 2 weeks to finish after we order the doors. "

"But wait, " I said, " We also need to replace the Soffits & Fascia boards, plus we'll need some stuccoing done for the columns and walls outside the hosuse."

"Yup, no problem, it will still take 2 weeks. By the way, are you planning to sell the house, I'm planning to buy coz I want to flip it." shot back IGK's owner.

"Err, no, we're living in it, not going to sell any time soon, " I replied. At this stage I was figuring "well, I could throw in a Koi pond a new roof and a tennis court, and he would still tell me it would be 2 weeks to finish...these guys are a real good."

The contarct was signed: 50% now, and the other 50% at the time of deleivery of the doors.

Mind you, we were stupid. We gave the whole kit and kaboodle even before the work was finished, and half of it even before the work began. Go figure. And you wonder how some people still have the nerve to complain.

But hey, these guys are trustworthy right? Why else would we end up giving everything up front??? Can we say...DUMBASS???!!!